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Freshman Academy Update - December 2017

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academy overview

The second quarter at EHHS can be defined with one word…..short. There are only 19 school days this month and another 4 school days upon our return from the holiday vacation. With all the excitement and distractions, it is imperative to stay the course and to remind your child the importance of making school a priority. As a rule of thumb, students receive anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes of homework each night. Extra help and office hours are available with every teacher in the Freshman Academy daily. Updates to your child’s academics can be accessed via PowerSchool or simply by contacting your child’s teachers or school counselor. On our end, we are communicating with all students in grade 9 about their attendance, behavior and grades. Just before the Thanksgiving break, the 9th graders participated in their first Scholar Hour, in which every student had an academic conference with an adult/teacher in the building. The purpose was for every student to assess their academic status and determine whether he/she was ontrack in terms of a number of research based indicators including credits, GPA, community service hours etc. The overall importance of this time (Scholar Hour) and messages to each student will hopefully be reflected not only during this quarter but for many more marking periods the next four years at EHHS. 

freshman seminar

Freshman Seminar goals and classroom learning after the Thanksgiving day break and before the holidays are: 1) Get my students back organized and motivated for the end of semester finish 2) Teach the emotional management lessons - that may be very helpful to many of them over the holidays and for all of them the rest of their lives.

our teachers are platinum

[Photo of teachers]

college & career readiness

The college and career readiness room promotes working your way to college even in 9th grade. Students are encouraged to check the list of schools visiting EHHS by accessing the calendar in Guidance or the CCR room. 

on-track data

93% 9th Grade students were ON-TRACK quarter 1 • Holiday Break (December 23 

monthly events calendar

Holiday Break (December 23 thru Jan1) students return to December school January 2

team aspire

During the month of December, we continue to welcome our new additions! We begin December with six new students; they come from as far as Puerto Rico, Guatemala, and Columbia. Additionally, we also have students that have moved into the East Hartford Community from surrounding towns. In addition to new students, we welcome two new tutors—Mrs. Rivera and Mr. Kowalyshyn; they work hard to provide support to our students while in the classroom; they are also available to help students during their afternoon study halls. This month there is a focus on “staying focused”— attendance matters, effort matters, and persistence matters. While we bask in all of the feel goods of the holiday season, we continue to remind ourselves that there is a lot of school and a lot to accomplish between now and the December Break. 

team odyssey

As 2017 ends, Team Odyssey wants to remind our students that learning never stops. It is important to read, to listen, to think and to respond to the challenges we face, whether those be academic, social, emotional or world issues. As we BEGIN December, we need to BUILD on what we have learned so far to BECOME the best students, friends, coworkers and citizens that we can be. Community Awareness Day (Nov. 22) showed us how we can be a positive part of our community. We need to apply the lessons we have learned in Freshman Seminar to every day and understand that a coming new year offers us new opportunities to grow. Happy Holidays from the Team Odyssey staff to all of our students and their families!

team pursuit

Team Pursuit would like to introduce the newest member of our team Mrs. Reilly! She will be teaching English for the remainder of the year and is very excited to work with our scholars. Our team was very proud of the number of students who made Honor Roll first quarter. Heading into the second quarter we will be “sweating the small stuff” to make sure we continue to reach our academic goals. It is extremely important that students continue to use their planner, stay after school for extra help when needed, and come to class prepared every day. 

team 9h

Greetings! Our 9H students have completed their first quarter of high school and only have about nineteen school days to go before our holiday break. It is important for students to persist through this busy time as most of their second quarter grade will take place before the break. Students have four school days after the holiday vacation before mid-term exams. We are excited about attending our second InterACT play this year, A Christmas Carol, on November 30th, at the Bushnell Theater. Also, teams of students are moving forward with their Exploravision/Toshiba project, please check in with them regularly! And as always, please do not hesitate to contact any us with questions or concerns about your child. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

team phoenix

Team Phoenix students demonstrated tremendous growth during Quarter 1 at EHHS. Our teachers are proud to report that 98.1% of students were “On Track” with grades and attendance at the end of their first quarter at EHHS. We are looking forward to continuing our On Track trend during Quarter 2. As the mid-year point approaches, our teachers and students are starting to look ahead to Midterm Exams. These tests include content from Semester 1 (September-January). With that in mind, students should start gathering their notes and class materials from Quarters 1 & 2. Our exams start on January 8th. Students will take two tests each day during exam week. Please encourage your student to study as these exams account for a major portion of the Semester 1 grade in each class. 

team velocity

Team Velocity is in full swing for the end of semester 1 preparation. We are discussing the importance of Midterm Exams, what productive studying looks like, when and where extra help is available and finishing strong. The students are under a lot of pressure during this time of year and we assure you that our team is here to help in any way that we can. Our team will continue to support the students in their daily academic responsibilities every day. That IS the message; EVERY day counts! Feel free, as always, to communicate any suggestions or needs your child may have during this time. Midterm exams are after the holiday break. They start on January 8th and wrap up on January 12th (the 12th being a make-up day). It is important your child is here to take their exams as scheduled! We are wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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