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In U.S. History we started the year with a unit on immigration.  The focus was on the Industrial Age where controversial investors such as Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and J.P. Morgan became extremely wealthy and as a result helped create an increasing job market.  We then discussed the push-pull factors related to immigration and focused on where these immigrants came from and why they came to America.  Lastly, we discussed the working conditions for these immigrants and the effects on the population increase in our American cities.  The current unit we are working on centers on "The West" with a focus on the Gold Rush, the importance of the Transcontinental Railroad, the relationship between Americans and Native Americans, and lastly the outlaws of the west such as Billy the Kid.

In Civics our focus has been on the purpose of government.  Discussions around why we need government, the role of government, and what society would be like without government.  We also studied the Bill of Rights and presented case studies of constitutional issues that the Supreme Court has ruled on.  Currently we are working on a short unit on the state and local government which will include an exercise where students will determine whether their political philosophy leans more toward democrat or republican.
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