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For information about CIBA school uniforms, and for contact information for Connecticut Shirt-Man, please click on the link below.

DRESS CODE (student) – CIBA

      1. Tops (all tops must be purchased from CT Shirtman):

      • Short or long sleeve collared (polo) shirts with school logo (available in black, red or gray).

      • Short or long sleeve white oxford shirts with school logo, worn with or without a vendor approved tie or bow-tie.

      • Each student MUST wear a CIBA polo or Oxford shirt daily, regardless of what additional optional items the student wears over it.

      • Available options: cardigan sweater, V-neck sweater, sweater vest, pullover fleece seat shirt (hoodless) or blazer. (students in ALL grades may wear the blazer)

      • Items may be worn in any combination of layering but all tops must be PRINCIPAL approved uniform pieces purchased from CT Shirtman.

      • Tops must cover the abdomen, chest and undergarments.

      • Tops may not be altered in their appearance (braided, tied, etc.).

      • Tops must either be tucked in or they must not reach past the top of the pocket of the bottoms.

      • Outerwear must be stored in lockers from 7:30-3:00 with the exception of the CT Shirtman sweater, fleece or pullover. No other item considered outerwear (including but not limited to: hoodies, non-CIBA sweaters, non CIBA fleeces, coats, jackets, windbreakers, nylon pullovers, down vests, North Face) may be carried, worn, or kept in the classroom during regular school hours.

      • The Michael Abelon Memorial Foundation sweatshirt MAY be worn during the month of April and May only until the completion of the Annual Walk.

      • Students in National Honor Society may wear the pullover hoodless fleece with the CIBA logo on one side of the zipper and the NHS logo embroidered on the other.


        1. Bottoms:

        • For all students:

        • Casual or dress pants, relaxed fit only, in solid black or khaki in vendor approved style sized to fit the student.

        • Shorts in solid black or khaki in the vendor approved style and sized to fit the student (the shorts fall between bottom of the kneecap and three (3) inches above the middle of kneecap).

        • Belts are recommended. They must be black and/or brown and worn in the belt loops of the pants, shorts, skirts, or capris. Belts may NOT be worn over blouses, polo shirts or CIBA tops.

        • No bottoms may reveal any portion of the torso, upper thigh or the undergarments.

        • No bottoms may be more than one size larger or one size smaller than the student’s physical size would require.

        • Stretch pants of ANY kind - skinny pants, yoga pants, warm-up pants, excessively baggy pants - are NOT PERMITTED. (If the pant leg cannot fit over the top of a boot, it is too tight)

        • Skirts or skorts in solid black or khaki that are no shorter than three (3) inches above the center of the kneecap or the tips of the fingertips when arms are held naturally by the side (whichever is LONGER) and are either FROM the CT Shirtman or are in exactly the same style as those sold by the CT Shirtman. Skirts must be SOLID. Skirts may not be form fitting or shirred. No lacey, lace-covered or patterned skirts are permissible. (See the style of the CT Shirtman skirts for an example)

        • Capris in solid black or khaki (no stretch, no skinny, no yoga capris permitted)


          1. Footwear:

          • Must be dress shoes, sneakers or boots (boots MUST be worn under the pant legs – pants may NOT be tucked into the top of the boot. If the pant doesn’t fit over the boot, the pants are too tight – see above).

          • Must not be excessively noisy.

          • Must have rubber or other non-marking sole.

          • Footwear considered hazardous by the administration is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: open-toes shoes, spiked heels, platform shoes, slippers, moccasins, flip-flops, slides and other athletic type footwear.

          • Tights and socks must be solid black, brown, khaki, gray or white and must be consistent with tops, bottoms or shoes being worn. No lacey or patterned tights are permitted.


            1. Accessories:

            • Prohibited items which, if brought to school, must remain in lockers during regular school hours include but are not limited to:

            • Head coverings of any kind, including but not limited to scarves, bandanas, masks, headbands, visors, kerchiefs, athletic sweatbands, hats, caps or hoods.

            • Neck scarves of any style.

            • Sunglasses or eyewear that is not medically necessary.

            • Oversized metal belt buckles and all metal belts or belts featuring metal other than the buckle such as chains hanging off the belt or loops.

            • Spiked or studded bracelets, brass knuckles, oversized or multi-finger rings, belts, any other article of attire with spikes or studs attached, or any other clothing item that may present a safety hazard to the student, other students, staff, or disrupt the learning environment.

            • Accessories which contain offensive or disruptive writing or pictures likely to unduly disrupt the educational environment or which constitute “fighting words,” gang colors, signage, etc. or which depict the logo or emblems of drugs, tobacco products or alcoholic beverages or encourage the use of such products


              Permissible items include but are not limited to:

            • Ties or bow ties for oxford shirts in the vendor approved style. These ties and bowties are available from CT Shirtman.

            • Backpacks and book bags as permitted by administration. These may be carried from classroom to classroom but should not obstruct passage in classrooms or hallways.

            • Approved head coverings that are worn as part of a student’s religious practices or belief shall be allowed under this policy.


              1. Compliance

              • The school principal or designees shall have the final determination on whether a student is in compliance of the school uniform policy. Students who are deemed out of dress code will receive a “ticket” from the teacher who identifies the infraction and may be required to call home to obtain a change of clothing and may be required to wait in the conference room until proper clothing can be obtained. The ticket must be signed and returned to the office within TWO school days. If three tickets are accumulated, students will receive afterschool detention. Further infractions will result in a meeting with the parent and possibly ISS.

                1. Dress Down Days/Special Recognition

                  • The principal or designees may allow for special occasions to recognize academic, athletic, special events, activities and achievements by allowing exceptions to the daily uniform requirement.

                                       7.  Field Trips:

                    • Students are required to comply with the school uniform on field trips unless otherwise determined by the principal or designees.

                      1. Athletic Events/Teams

                        • School approved athletic team uniforms or pre-game warm-ups TOPS may be worn on contest days only . Team uniforms or pre-game warms-ups include tops and bottoms, however during the school day the bottom needs to be in accordance with the uniform policy.  

                        • Failure to abide by or abuse of this athletic uniform exception will result in the exception for game days being suspended and students will be required to be in uniform every day.


                        The dress code policy will be strictly enforced.

                        Student IDs must be worn at all times.

                         What is and is not permissible


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